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Gujarati Kalavani Mandal, Matunga

The Gujarati Kelavani Mandal has decided to help each and every student in his/her studies in achieving all round development by extending economic co-operation. Mandal desires that none has to abondon studies or withhold their progress due to mitigate the economic difficulties of the students of any of the units of Gujarati Kelavani Mandal.

The Gujarati Kelavani Mandal will extend help to students in the following areas.

1. Assistanceship including concession in fees, Term fees, Admission fees, Snacks fees, Examination fees, Sports fees, etc.
2. Books and Stationery
3. Uniforms
4. Tours and trips expenses
5. Any other areas which Mandal thinks proper.


(1) Only one student per family will get the concession.
(2) Merit of the student will be important criteria.
(3) The concession will be withdrawn if the beneficiary fails at the annual examination.
(4) The concession will be given to students whose Parents' annual income does not exceed Rs. 36000/- per annum.
(5) The concession will be given to students of Gujarati Medium School from Balmandir to S.S.C. & to English Medium School from V to S.S.C.


A student seeking help from the students' Aid Fund will apply in the prescribed form. The Form will be available from the Class-teacher. The decesion of granting of help will be taken by the Students' Welfare Fund Committee as per the rules/regulations. The discretion to grant or refuse help rests solely and entirely with the Management.


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