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My Dear Students and Parents,
Congratulations for choosing to stay with us in this institution which has contributed towards qualitative education for the past 65 years. This institution has fulfilled its aim of giving all round development to the young ones, keeping in mind the ever changing trends in our society.
Along with infrastructural changes we are also changing the styles, methods of evaluation bringing changes as per the needs of the child. Children continuously learn new skills through visits, field trips, tours and adoption of village and conducting camps with a lot of care and planning.
Our children have got international exposures through visits to Pakistan for “Exchange for change” in 2013, “K water Project” to Seol – South Korea in April 2014, Cricket tournaments to London in 2014, Srilanka in 2015, Visit to France in May 2017 for home stay experience and to feel and see the culture of France. We are also a part of the cultural ministry of India “VIRSA” which is a performing art faculty. Teachers spend a lot of time with the children in school with a lot of “We time” and we are sure that parents are spending quality time with their children which in turn will result in the healthy growth of your young ones in today’s rat race of glamour and speed though life skill programmes.
Our contribution to the society has been very effective through technological communications of all our schedule, programmes and achievements in academics, sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. There has been a close knit of intermingling of all sections through various programmes for students, parents and staff.
Our former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam said “Educationists should build the capacity of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students”. But this could and would be achievable with close collaboration of both parents in the society and teachers in the school.
My best wishes to all.

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