Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividhlakshi Vidyalaya
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1 To help the all-round development of a child, so as to bring out his/her potentialities in creative, intellectual, physical, social and moral capabilities.
2 To provide every child all the means and facilities to learn his/her mother-tongue along with English this will be the medium of instruction in the school.
3 To help the child to gain the confidence necessary to face different situations in day-to-day life and the ability to resolve them on its own. In all its programs, the school will emphasize the importance of teamwork and the need for social adjustment.
4 To provide activities in self-government and training in citizenship so as to inculcate in children the right social and moral attitudes and self-discipline.
5 To help every child to grow and develop according to his/her own capacities the school will also provide different learning experiences to suit different levels the school will pay individual attention to every child and provide various learning experiences to suit different levels.
6 To enable the child to bring out hi/her potentialities, activities and programs in creative work, music, fine arts and dramatics will form a part of regular school work curriculum.
7 And to provide an atmosphere whereby moral and ethical values such as courtesy, honesty, fair play kindness and social concern are imbibed by children in the natural course of days.

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